Sailing Kerguelen

We left everything we owned to sail the world... with our cat !

Sailing around the world

Sailing Kerguelen is the story of a couple in their thirties who decide to leave everything behind to set off on a sailing adventure around the world. Fun fact: they had never set foot on a sailboat less than 2 years before leaving their jobs and apartments to move aboard full time. 

Happy owners of our sailboat Kerguelen since July 2018, we are now in full preparation before setting sails!

Our blog shares our adventures, from our learning to sail to the stopovers and discoveries made along the way, through the preparation of our sailing adventure around the world and the fittings and works done on board.

Jérémy + Gaëlle + Monsieur Chat

Jeremy et Gaelle sur Sailing Kerguelen

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Comment connecter l'AIS et Navionics sur tablette
Technical corner

How to receive AIS targets on your tablet with Navionics ?

Navionics (Garmin Group) is known to be one of the best navigational aid tools. Whether on iPad or Android tablets, everyone agrees on the ease of use of the maps and the functionalities of this application. However, a question was remaining: how is it possible to connect AIS to Navionics?

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When you retire, will you look back and say to yourself:

"I wish I had worked more?"

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