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Welcome to Sailing Kerguelen. This is a blog that talks about sailing around the world and shares our life on board, the discoveries made during the stopovers, our tips and our travel photos. It is also a blog that includes practical advice and useful information to start a trip around the world, establish a travel budget, understand the formalities to be carried out when arriving in a new country, and share the technical adaptations made on board our sailboat.

Comment connecter l'AIS et Navionics sur tablette
Technical corner

How to receive AIS targets on your tablet with Navionics ?

Navionics (Garmin Group) is known to be one of the best navigational aid tools. Whether on iPad or Android tablets, everyone agrees on the ease of use of the maps and the functionalities of this application. However, a question was remaining: how is it possible to connect AIS to Navionics?

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